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As a company, We provide end to end delivery services of all equipment to desired client location for a truly seamless expereince.

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At FPRIL, our Supply Chain operation hinges on 100% client satisfaction,
exceptional service and all-round seamless experience.

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Our Strategy

Direct links to Int'l Buy Houses
FPRIL has direct links to reputable International buy houses in the Oil and Gas sector making us well equipped to handle various types of international procurement sourcing.
Agency Agreements
In order to fulfill the diverse requests of our clients, we have developed Agency Agreements with some of the world’s biggest Oil & Gas Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
International Exhibitions
FPRIL is also the exclusive agent in Africa for a number of international exhibitions.
Quality Control
At FPRIL Quality is our priority. Hence,we implement quality inspection practices in our procurement process to ensure the authenticity, quality and quantity of items.
European Hub
Our European Hub located in Dublin, Republic of Ireland further facilitates our timely procurement and delivery of required items to our clients.
End to End Delivery
We provide delivery services such as shipping, customs clearance, and logistics to desired client locations for an end to end experiences that’s truly seamless.

Our Procurement Capacity

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